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Life is busy, it throws all sorts of challenges at us, including balancing family, work and everyday life. Sometimes our confidence needs a bit of a boost.

My name is Ellen, owner of Bonnie Parker Melbourne, Personal and Interior Stylist. 

As a working mother of two children, I understand the ups and downs that women can often go through. The struggle with allowing our personal style to evolve over time can be overwhelming. If you're a busy woman, feeling uncertain when it comes to knowing what to wear, how to wear it and where to get it, I can help you discover your full style potential whilst making shopping fun and easy..


Often we feel like we have a wardrobe full of clothes yet have nothing to wear! 

A wardrobe assessment can really help you identify what you have in your wardrobe, what you can do with it as well as identifying what key pieces you may be missing

Together, we would look at your favourite pieces as well as the ones you simply don't know how to wear and style them in different ways, taking photos of outfit combinations that will later be sent to you as a personalised digital look book.



The personal shopping service is fun, relaxing and about working together, its  the perfect next step to the wardrobe assessment.

Our aim is to have a clear understanding of what you want from this experience so that your needs are fulfilled  

Whether you need to update your seasonal wardrobe, shop for a special event, or just need a confidence boost, the personal shopping experience will guide you honestly to finding the right styles that suit your body shape and personal style 


If you'd like to book in a service or discuss your needs, please email or phone me on the contact details below.




Bonnie Parker

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T. 03 9857 7006